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  1. Removed Saradomin sword from shops (obtainable through GWD at popular teleports)
  2. Removed Dragon Claws from shops (Obtainable through Tormented Demons at popular teleports)
  3. Removed Bones (Obtainable from any monsters/bosses - Use on altar for great results)
  4. Removed Pernix and Virtus sets from stores (Obtainable as drops by Nex)
  5. Removed Vesta, Statius, Zuriel's, and Morrigan's sets (NOT OBTAINABLE at the moment, suggest to cryptic how they should be incorporated into the server!)
  6. Added Ring of Wealth (Obtainable for 500m at same store as fury)
  7. Godsword Shards are now 5m
  8. All Godswords have been removed from shops (Obtainable through their corresponding boss at GWD)


This is just update #1 of this series to better the Cryptic-RS Economy. If you have any ideas for update #2 or any suggestions or concerns, please speak to cryptic in-game or reply to this ... Read more »

Views: 772 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 06.17.2015 | Comments (3)

The server now has it's own Teamspeak. Check it out today by connecting with the host name below.

Views: 750 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 06.08.2015 | Comments (0)

Cryptic-RS now has a new home that is here to stay for a while. Give us some feedback by commenting on this, based on what you think about the new home. Thanks.


Views: 707 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.29.2015 | Comments (1)

As you have noticed the server is temporarily down. Were doing what we can to get it back up as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Views: 669 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.28.2015 | Comments (0)

-Added animations to the dominion sword

-Fixed respawn times on extreme donatorzone bosses

Views: 684 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.26.2015 | Comments (0)

A new boss Sunfreet has now been added to Extreme Donatorzone. He is a very difficult boss, who will have very rewarding drops in the near future. You must be a Extreme Donator in order to get to him to kill him. Images of him are below.


Views: 610 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.24.2015 | Comments (1)

Now in-game once you are going afk, you now type ::afk, which sends a message to players that your going afk and you sit down in a chair. Once your back you type ::back saying your back and standing back up. The images below show the animations of the commands.


Views: 649 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.24.2015 | Comments (0)

Bank Tabs have now been added to the server. Drag an item on the top left tab to start a tab. The top bar doesnt work 100% so scroll down in your bank to view the tabs.


Views: 633 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.22.2015 | Comments (1)

Official Prices have been added in-game to items. The price will appear in trade at the bottom corners saying its wealth amount. You can price check your items by trading players, as well as use those prices to base your items wealth and buy/sell prices.  The items listed below have had there price added in-game:


Annihilation- 450m | oblivion- 450m | Decimation 450m | Zammy Spear- 150m | Red castlewars cape- 10m | Zamorak (rune) 25m per piece  
... Read more »

Views: 689 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.21.2015 | Comments (2)

Boss pets have been fully added to Cryptic-RS! You can obtain them by killing their corresponding boss, or by donating for them for $10 Each. The Boss pets are located below.


           Corporeal Beast                               Chaos Elemental                       Commander Zilyana                        General Graardor                        K'ril Tsutsaroth

                  &nb ... Read more »

Views: 983 | Added by: Cryptic | Date: 01.20.2015 | Comments (0)

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