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Main » 2015 » June » 17 » Cryptic-RS Economy Updates #1
2:05 AM
Cryptic-RS Economy Updates #1
  1. Removed Saradomin sword from shops (obtainable through GWD at popular teleports)
  2. Removed Dragon Claws from shops (Obtainable through Tormented Demons at popular teleports)
  3. Removed Bones (Obtainable from any monsters/bosses - Use on altar for great results)
  4. Removed Pernix and Virtus sets from stores (Obtainable as drops by Nex)
  5. Removed Vesta, Statius, Zuriel's, and Morrigan's sets (NOT OBTAINABLE at the moment, suggest to cryptic how they should be incorporated into the server!)
  6. Added Ring of Wealth (Obtainable for 500m at same store as fury)
  7. Godsword Shards are now 5m
  8. All Godswords have been removed from shops (Obtainable through their corresponding boss at GWD)


This is just update #1 of this series to better the Cryptic-RS Economy. If you have any ideas for update #2 or any suggestions or concerns, please speak to cryptic in-game or reply to this thread. Thanks


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3 Bmacker   [Entry]
Possibly a way for pvp armor to come into game?

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2 MatiXx   [Entry]
Vesta, Statius, Zuriels and Morrigans sets should be dropped by Revenants.
Good update!

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1 Turtle   [Entry]
Great update smile

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