4:50 PM
Files were not found unfortunately :/ and i was just a mod biggrin
11:39 PM
hey cryptic if u do bring back crytpc rs count me in ill be on
5:23 AM
guess that did not happen
6:30 PM
stick around guys!
6:27 PM
CRYPTIC-RS MIGHT BE REOPENED THIS SUMMER! biggrin DATE (of this text): 15.6.2016
1:34 PM
Hey, Trev just suggesting to reopen the server? biggrin IT WAS AWESOME!
4:12 AM
yes the server is down idk if it is going to be back up
0:48 AM
Server down?
8:10 AM
i hope someday the server gets back up and gets to see everyone again =D
3:35 PM
Miss u2 #Panda & others biggrin
3:59 AM
hey guys if u are seeing this message i want u guys to know i miss u guys and hope we get to see each other again =D
3:52 AM
man i miss this server so much =,( wish i will come back up someday
11:44 PM
is server down again? ;(
9:47 PM
Cryptic down? Hopefully not for long but send me email when/if its online again! smile
7:11 PM
server is back online
3:18 AM
why is the server down again?
10:07 PM
any ideas how do we get more people?
11:32 AM
the sever is back up
5:24 AM
can u tell us when is back up
1:36 AM
server VPS is down atm due to issues. The VPS company is working on this issue as we speak, and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!
1:27 AM
is there another place to download the client im missing or something since its not working for me
1:14 AM
i have tryed to do that but it still says the same thing =\
9:56 PM
server offline?
0:12 AM
sorry turbojack i was gone all weekend at a baseball tournament. I will be on this week so you can donate whenever, and ill be able to hop on and attend to it for you! smile
3:47 PM
i wanna donate cryptic :((( i need you
12:30 PM
where is everyone???=0
11:29 PM
Happy 4th of July Everyone!! I will be at a baseball tournament playing this weekend, but i will check in on the server in between. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend, and enjoy yourselves!
6:18 PM
server is amazing now cryptic!! good job mate got me that distracted i played 16hrs straight i have a cryptic-rs addictionn =p
6:44 AM
if your client is stuck loading at 1%, please download the client again, it has been updated and you need the new one to play, as we have switched to a VPS running the server to eliminate lag!
6:20 AM
Cryptic, ?
6:20 AM
is server down again??
10:11 AM
so i cant actually get into client??
11:18 AM
server is offline again -.- thats not good mmmm sad
6:26 AM
Squad http://tinyurl.com/pxcko58
4:23 AM
server down? http://gyazo.com/0a1f1e700651959fc9c2d2a60b7ecc57
8:57 PM
servers are back up. They were up the whole time just had a issue.
7:49 PM
whats wrong with server?
6:59 PM
new price list would be cool
3:34 PM
2:46 PM
server is offline -.- why?
8:12 AM
5:13 AM
server is online
2:31 PM
Get it back online plox
2:17 AM
if any downtime contact me via forums pm and ill tell cryp.
8:53 PM
Not the end I'll talk to Cryp.
2:44 PM
damn :s
6:08 AM
WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THIS SERVER???? THATS IT END OF CRYPTIC???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????/
4:53 AM
Everyone is dead, run awayyyyyyyy.
1:04 AM
i would believe so.
9:35 PM
Is the server offline? smile