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Forum » Help » Guides » Price list (i got different opinion about some prices.)
Price list
rii555Date: Wednesday, 01.28.2015, 0:25 AM | Message # 1
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-Torva Platebody: 3-4b
-Torva platelegs: 3-4b
-Torva Full helm: 3-4b
-Pernix Chaps: 700m
-Pernix body: 700m
-Pernix Coif: 500m
-Zaryte Bow: 1b
-Virtus mask: 700m
-Virtus robe top: 700m
-Virtus Robelegs: 700m
-DragonFire shield: 750m
-Annhillation: 200m
-Decimation: 200m
-Obliteration: 200m
-Bandos Boots: 50-75m
-Bandos Chestplate: 100-125m
-Bandos Tassets: 100-125m
-Armadyl Helmet: 50-100m
-Lucky Armadyl Helmet: 450m
-Lucky Armadyl Chestplate: 450m
-Lucky armadyl chainskirt: 450m
-Lucky Bandos Chestplate: 400m
-Lucky Bandos tassets: 400m
-Lucky Bandos Boots: 350m
-Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, White party hat: 4b each
-Orange, Pink, Blue-green, Rainbow Party hat: 12b each
-Glaiven Boots, Steadfast Boots, Ragefire Boots: 500m each
-Vesta Longsword: 300m
-Vesta Armor: 175m/piece
-Statius Hammer: 300m
-Statius Armor: 100-150m/piece
-Morrigan's armor: 300m/piece
-Zuriel's Armor: 300m/piece
-Zuriel's Staff: 300m
-Third-age melee: 50m/piece
-Third-Age range: 50m/piece
-Third-age Mage: 50m/piece
-Polypore Staff: 750m
-Ganodermic armor: 350m/piece
-Lucky Divine spirit shield: 500m
-Lucky Spectral Spirit shield: 500m
-Lucky Elysian Spirit shield: 500m
-Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield: 500m
-Armadyl Godsword: 190m
-Zamorak Godsword: 110m
-Saradomin Godsword: 150m
-Bandos Godsword: 90m
-Zamorakian Spear: 150m
-Fungal armor: 50m/piece
-Grifolic armor: 50m/piece
-Blue, Red, Green masks: 4b each
-Coloured Dark Bows: 300m each
-Armadyl armor (rune) 200m/piece
-Bandos armor (rune) 200m/piece
-Saradomin armor (rune) 200m/piece
-zamorak armor (rune) 200m/piece
-Zamorak/Saradomin team capes: 10m each
-Dharok's set: 150m
-Guthan's set: 75m
-Ahrim's set 75m
-Torag's set: 75m
-Verac's set: 75m
-Dragon Claws: 800m
-Dragon Full Helm: 300m
-Divine Spirit Shield: 1,2b
-Spectral Spirit Shield: 500m
-Elysian Spirit Shield: 1b
-Arcane Spirit Shield: 800m
-Primal Weapons: 5b each
-Seer's Ring (i): 500m
-Warrior's ring (i) 500m
-Archer's Ring (i) 500m
-Berserker's Helm (i): 500m
-Warrior's helm (i): 500m
-Seer's Helm (i): 500m
-Neiz helm (i): 500m
-Archer's helm (i): 500m
-Flaming Skulls: 600m each
-Lucky Godswords: 650m each
-Lucky Saradomin Sword: 200m
-Bunny Ears: 1b
-Energy Sword: 24b
-Shaded, black, Lime, Pink, Orange, Blue-green Mask: 12b each
-Death/Angel/Golden/Folded/Holy/Demon/corruption/Lime-death/rainbow/torva Cape: 12b each
-Golden/black Santa Hat: 12b each
-Pink/doom Spirit Shield: 12b each
-Coloured Whips: 300m each
-Guthix/Zamorak/Saradomin Halo: 400m each
-Elf-style suit: 200m/piece
-Pharaoh suit: 200m/piece
-Christmas Wand: 200m
-Ornate Katana: 900m
-Flying Goblin hat: 1,2b
-Stat Ring: 24b
Forum » Help » Guides » Price list (i got different opinion about some prices.)
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