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Forum » In Game » Suggestions » Things to make the server a lot more fun for everyone. (Suggestions thread)
Things to make the server a lot more fun for everyone.
BeeFookerDate: Saturday, 02.01.2014, 2:38 AM | Message # 1
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Reduce dclaw price to around 50-100m, they're so trash for how much they're worth. refund people who paid the full price
Make the bank booths work at skilling areas. Mining etc
Add the summoning shops to a summoning area near a bank and add more pouches. 
Make it CLEAR whether you will drop your items at a certain area
Remove nulled items from barrows rewards chest
Buff FOG and Boss tokens to a more logical price, no one is going to play for 3 months straight for an item
Remove the limit on the gambling npc
Make npcs actually work, or remove them completely; they look tacky
Add mining and smithing close together; there isnt even a teleport for smithing
Make nex, td's and corp actually do-able and unrealistic; like please for the love of fuck
Make ruby bolts actually chunk the percentage of health, it's usually capped at 500. Working rubys would make nex do-able
Sort out the shops you have removed, and make the old home accessable until you fix them
Make drop rates realistic, don't make people grind for hours for nothing. They'll resent the server for it, once more people come raise the drop rate
Add some custom bosses, fuck i've been maxxed for ages and everythings either too easy, not worth it or fucken insane.
Make the donatorzone a little more interesting, it's just donator shops and a few bosses, i'd rather do real bandos because of the other things that drop items
Make clue scrolls actually work jesus fuck, everyone i've talked to has problems with them.. Make a spot and stick with it, please.
Stop pets from saying when people logout, it's really fucken annoying
Buff money by adding an option to buy some customs/rares with cash. Would work with the below idea quite nicely
Add an exchange for 500m/1000m/2147m  tokens to be bought/sold. Make a shop that sells legendary items with these tokens.
Make clue scrolls give a chance to get a custom rare item
Make the crystal chest give a chance to get a rare item and add keys to all monsters as a rare drop
Remove items that crash the client
Fix the noclipping, bugged bosses and strange behaviour in dungeoneering
Jesus for the love of fuck add some more stuff to the slayer tasks.. cows wont suffice to get 99! PLEASE
Add a shop, teleport and area for each skill. Or have shared skills such as woodcutting/firemaking/fletching   fishing/cooking  etc
Change the clue scroll descriptions and just give us the command to go to it, it's lame and confusing as fuck for new players.
Remove the 1gp items from the stores, replace stupid items in the stores with logical ones. Void is retarded and shouldn't be in the store
Make items fuction better - the adze isn't usable on ores.. 
Let people earn their items, if people just buy everything they get bored in a day and just fucken bail - Example is defenders, just add the minigame.
Add high alchemy to the spells
Add astral runes, i don't think you can buy them
Maybe a daily lottery would add a lot more excitement to the server.
Add more xp in dungeoneering the higher level you are
Fix farming, potato seeds fucken suck and herbs don't work
Add a list of commands for staff
Explain things a little better in certain areas.
Add ardounge to the teleport for thieving
Add an afk option to alert people so they don't talk to themselves

If you agree, don't agree or have some other things to add please do smile
LegendsDate: Saturday, 02.01.2014, 2:57 AM | Message # 2
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Great ideas Bee Fooker, but i think he should also make it to where kiln actually attacks you prior to you being able to safe spot it.
Forum » In Game » Suggestions » Things to make the server a lot more fun for everyone. (Suggestions thread)
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