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Cryptic Suggestions
MattsDate: Thursday, 03.05.2015, 10:16 AM | Message # 1
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Hello Cryptic Community,
As a Server Helper I really want to try my best to reach out and get to know what everyone wants, and for starters I'd like to know what YOU want. Here are a list of Suggestions i've thrown together, have any other ideas? Throw them down below.

Personal Suggestions :

- More Bosses
Consider adding new weaponry in as drops.. As most players use Whip, Vesta's Longsword, or Godswords... What about adding Gorgonite, or Promethium?

- Skilling Updates :
Adding in Construction would be great, seeing a true 2496 would be nice. This could be added as simple as putting a Butler that sells planks, along with a Work Bench to craft Flat Packs. Simple and to the point.
Banking at different locations has been known to have issues, a working bank at the Fishing guild would make it so much more fun! I'm a big fan of gaining 200M in a stat, and would be glad to do the rest of the skill board.

- 100M 500M 1B 2B Tickets :
A simple shop that sold Tickets for cash would be a nice addition, possibly when we move to Edgeville? It takes a little while to do, but having over 2147M is fairly easy to accomplish. This would make it easy for players to keep their cash stacks going, and be able to buy more expensive items, such as Torva, Partyhats, and other Rares.

- Addition to ::Shops :
    If you've done Mining, you know you started out wondering.. Where do I get a Picaxe? Rock Crabs at ::train drop Iron Picaxe, and General Graardor drops Rune Picaxe. Adding Picaxes to the Skilling Fairy at ::shops would be a great add.

- Achievements for Boss Kills :
Achievements would give players a goal, "Matt has caught 500 Fish.", "Matt has killed 500 NPC's.", "Matt has killed General Graardor 500 Times.". A basic reward at the end of one of these goals, or even just a Newsfeed Post.

- 200M Capes :
One of my personal favorites of RuneScape is the 120 Capes, seeing as how we have a fairly high XP rate, doing 200M Capes would be fair. With or without the Particles would be great, and a new fun addition!

- Donator - Only :
We have many great offerings for Donor Only, but what about Donor Bosses? With command teleports.. Such as Gluttonous Behemoth? Yk'Lagor the Thunderous? You could bring in special drops with these, rare items, weaponry, and even armour!

- Survival of the Fittest :
Just like in Call of Duty's well known "Zombie's" , we could use the same location as the montly minigame "Troll Invasion". A single player Mini-Game where you see how long you can survive, with or without food & potions.

- Skilling Points : 
Along with the F.O.G. Tokens and Boss Tokens, Skiller Tokens or Skiller Points would be fun! Rewards can be anything from Gems, Logs, etc.. All the way to Skiller gear, such as Agile, Elegant, and other Task Achievement Rewards.

In-Game Server Helper
Nex Enthusiast

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Forum » In Game » Suggestions » Cryptic Suggestions (Community Suggestions)
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