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Forum » General » General Discussion » so far, so good..ish
so far, so good..ish
TomDate: Friday, 06.14.2013, 4:52 AM | Message # 1
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So guys, since i first joined, we had like 3 players on at a time. I would like to say that so far, with the amount of players we have on usually, we're making progress :p! These dc's are a set back from the progress we have made, but I would still like to believe that we're striving to become the best! with some effort, we can go far and I believe we should all be new-player friendly. this will make them want to help the server strive to be better :D! 
         Now, with this said, if you read this cryptic, this is for you. i believe we should have a co-owner as well. Somebody who is trusted and can help the server out with new updates and such. If not, oh well, but it would definitely help the server out so much! All the players need crystal keys, and the server needs resets when you're not on and such. 

                                                                                      Thanks for reading~ Tom (amplify)
UnfaithfulDate: Friday, 06.14.2013, 5:57 AM | Message # 2
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Mhm, it's true that since you joined we've gained new players, but over the time that I've been playing it fluctuates regularly with new players joining and old players quitting. We've had a lot of new players quit over these last couple of weeks so it's still not as good as we'd like. I agree with the suggestion for co-owner, just finding the right person for the job would be difficult, they'd need experience, to be loyal and trusted by Cryptic they'd also need to be well liked by the regular players/staff members... I personally don't think the crystal keys are the most important issue involving a co-owner, I believe that just by having an owner and a co-owner active would help stabilize the community and hopefully lower the amount of players that are quitting. This is just my opinion, So hey ? what do I know right.

"Have Faith in me" ~ A Day To Remember.
NarutoDate: Friday, 06.14.2013, 6:24 PM | Message # 3
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Agree'd  laugh the idea of an co-owner that will be online more is good, if it is an player that plays alot. we dont need the automatic server restart.
the co-owner will be able to restart/reset the server.

~ Naruto.
Forum » General » General Discussion » so far, so good..ish
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