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Forum » Help » Guides » Guide to Cryptic (Basic Guide for Playing)
Guide to Cryptic
MattsDate: Saturday, 02.28.2015, 1:59 AM | Message # 1
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Beginner Commands

::yell is a great way to communicate with other players!

::home is how to get back to our home location!

::shops is where all of our NPC's are, you'll find everything for Melee Gear, to Fishing Supplies!

::Cmd or ::Commands will pull up the commands list for all basic Bossing Teleports.

::train is our teleport to Rock Crabs, where you should do your beginner training.

::train2 is our Hellhounds Teleport, for higher level players.

Skill Teleports

While you can get to most of our Skilling Locations through "Max", dressed in Torva with a Maxed Cape on at ::home. You'll find some of those locations don't work as well as they could, so here's a few alternative teleports.

::theive will take you to Ardougne Market Place, where you'll find stalls, paladins, and heroes to make your Theiving Cape easier to achieve.

::farm will take you to Catherby Farming patch, bring a rake and begin raking weeds for Farming Xp!

::fish is a faster teleport to the Fishing Guild.

::mine is a quick teleport to Al-Kharid Mine.

::hunt will take you to Feldip Hills, where you can easily level Hunter!

::summoning teleports you to our Summoning Location, where you can gain access to a Beast of Burden!

Bossing Teleports

Mr. Ex at home can teleport you to most of these bossing locations, but everyone loves a fast easy way of transporting!

::bork has no known drops, this is subject to change if drop list is altered.

::polypore is a quick teleport to Polypore Dungeon, for a chance at Ganodermic, Fungal, and Polypore drops!

::jad will teleport you to Fight Caves, for a chance at Fire Cape!

::kiln will take you into the Kiln, where you can risk your Fire Cape for a chance at Tokhaar-Kal Cape!

::kq teleports you into Kalphite Queens cave!

::corp lands you in the Corporal Beast dungeon, BEWARE, no gravestones appear!

::nomad will drop you in Nomad's lair, protect Magic or Melee depending on his attacks!

::glacors drops you right in the heart of Glacor's Icy Dungeon, where you might just find a pair of Steadfast, Ragefire, or Glaiven Boots!

::bosses is another great one, here you'll find a one - click teleport to Corporal Beast, Tormented Demons, GWD, Barrows and Chaos Elemental!

Other Teleports

::minigames opens up a variety of locations, from Castle Wars to Dungeoneering.

::dice takes you to our Gambling Location.

::easts is a Level 18 PvP Location.

This thread will be updated daily, as changes occur.

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Forum » Help » Guides » Guide to Cryptic (Basic Guide for Playing)
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