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Forum » In Game » Report a Player » Threatening another player? (An Easy Explanation.)
Threatening another player?
LancelotDate: Sunday, 03.30.2014, 10:26 AM | Message # 1
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If you cannot tell from the title, I was threatened to be banned for poking fun at another player. Earlier, from an argument that shouldn't have even been an argument I told a player to fall in a hole. I never told the player to "die" in it, yet a moderator decided to add that word into my mouth. I believe his name was "Sypher Prod" it may have been the other mod whom of which was. Regardless, After my statement. I said it was a simple friendly request to not add any harm to it to not have the situation escalate any further from that. I leave the player be. Then, the moderator insists that I "Calm Down." When I reply with that I am in fact calm, he repeats... "No you're not, Calm Down." In all honesty, he doesn't know me or my feelings towards aggressive people. I am a Year-long Servicemen in the United States Army, and I know plenty about respect. Yes, I have fun. And Yes, I poke/joke around with people. However it's easily seen people on this server are easily offended. Now, I told the moderator also to "Trip on a Tripwire, and a few seconds later I said "Into a pile of pillows" Now following this statement I said there is no need to take this any further, and applied my personal statement that we should end this. And the moderator agreed. So, a few hours roll by, and a player named "Teste" gets online for the final time apparently because he's quitting. So, I decided that maybe the player "Bonerjam500" (which I still have no idea how/why he has his name in the first place considering the first five letters...) has cooled his jets and is in the mood for a little bit of joking around. So hastily I said to him since he had spoken in ::yell chat previously... "You most certainly made it out of that hole fast!"
This is how the conversation proceeded afterwards.
After he said this, he contacted a moderator/administrator about getting me banned/muted for starting shit even though it was poking fun. 
There was no disrespect meant by this whatsoever. It was simply an outlet of having fun in a game that I believe should be played... "LIKE A GAME." The only thing that was threatening or offensive about this situation was the fact he said about getting me banned in the first place. Which he has no right of way of doing.

Just another player.
EtheonDate: Monday, 03.31.2014, 10:40 PM | Message # 2
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You were disrespecting players from the looks of things, he clearly asked you to stop and you didn't. That's a little thing called harassment, which yes, will get you banned.
Forum » In Game » Report a Player » Threatening another player? (An Easy Explanation.)
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