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Forum » Help » Guides » Faith's price guide.
Faith's price guide.
UnfaithfulDate: Friday, 06.07.2013, 4:42 AM | Message # 1
Group: Moderators
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Hey guys, a lot of people have been a bit confused about the prices of certain in game items. So I have decided to make a quick price guide (note: This list is unofficial and has been created by me.)

*Polypore staff: 450 - 500m. (Because it's a very useful item in pvm.)

*Ganodermic Leggings + Poncho: 200 - 250m.

*Lucky spirit shields: 500 - 550m.

*Flaming skulls: 750 - 1b.

*All Chaotics + shields that cost 200k tokens: 200m.

*All Primal weapons: 2b.

*Bandos + armadyl: 50 - 75m.

*Fog tokens: 10k ea.

*Ragefires: 250m.

*Glaivens: 300m. 

*Steads: 350m

*Pernix cowl + Virtus mask: 300m.

*Pernix top + legs & Virtus top + legs: 450 - 500m.

*Dragon claws: 1b.

*Vesta's + Statius's: 200m.

If I've left anything out or if you need to know the price for something else just pm me in game.
Mvp_TwinzDate: Friday, 06.07.2013, 7:34 PM | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 3
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mm actually ragefires 89m glaivens 96-97m steads 153-156m wink also pernix cowl/virtus mask same price and the pernix top/legs and virtus robes goes down so much?
thats kinda weird ,they should be higher, also d claws you can get  from shop so 1.5b to people should be maybe 1.2b to 1.3b? chaotic price u took from me smile its correct (y) lucky spirit shields,same as the regular not 500-550m wink and poly is like 200m smile


Mvp Twinz <3

Im Cryptic RS Moderator and trying to help you all and doing my best! ;)
UnfaithfulDate: Saturday, 06.08.2013, 7:38 AM | Message # 3
Group: Moderators
Messages: 23
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This guide isn't based on sale / resale value. I've based it on prices to pay for people who are selling to other players, therefore the items are cheaper than what they are in the shops, yet more expensive than if you would sell it to the leprechaun. I also think that the boots have been priced too cheap in the shop, therefore i have raised my recommended price. Polypore's are very useful in PVM, (they can hit 600's constantly, with a max hit of 800) so i have once again raised the price, but as I said in my description...  Quote(note: This list is unofficial and has been created by me.)
So, you don't have to follow this guide if you do not want to, it was mainly made for the newer players who don't know much about the general prices of common items in game, 
Thanks for your feedback.

"Have Faith in me" ~ A Day To Remember.
Forum » Help » Guides » Faith's price guide.
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